Border Wall

Common Sense about the Fence

By Jill Holslin

If anyone knows fences, it is a fence contractor. And when Keith Bloemendaal of Raleigh Fence Contractors, LLC learned how much the DHS has proposed to spend on the 2000-mile border fence to wall off the US from our neighbors to the south, he was shocked, and he decided to start a dialogue on his company blog about this massive waste of federal money. Here’s what Bloemendaal is doing.

When I decided to post an article on the Border Fence issues on Saturday 8/16/08, it was just something I was upset about as our country faces $9.5 trillion debt, and we were spending $3000 per foot on a Border Fence. The article got so much attention, I have decided that Wednesdays will be “Border Fence Wednesday” on the Raleigh Fence Contractors Blog.

Yesterday there were two main stories released about the border fence. The first one has to do with the Virtual Fence in Arizona being put on hold.

Need a fence? Call Keith for a free estimate at 919-671-8227. And I bet he can build it for less than $3000 a foot.

And join Raleigh Fence Contractors on “Border Fence Wednesdays” for informative articles and good discussion.

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