Border Wall / Friendship Park

>Senator Denise Ducheny Speaks Out Against Border Fence in Friendship Park

>San Diego Channel 9 KUSI Morning News, 9 Jan 2009 For VIDEO, click on title above

SAN DIEGO | The federal government is in the process of erecting a triple fence that cuts through Friendship Park on the U.S./Mexico border. The park was often used as a gathering place for family members who lived on opposite sides of the border, and that is no longer possible. Lena Lewis was at Friendship Park on Friday morning with state senator Denise Ducheny, who voiced her displeasure at the situation.

The government says the fence will increase border security, which is a larger issue in San Diego in light of the recent violence in Tijuana. Tom Jordan takes a look at both sides of the issue in a story that aired Thursday night.


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