Border Wall / Friendship Park

>La Boca de Tijuana

Cuando la boca del Rio runs into the ocean,
when it rises onto the delta
and you hear its united tributaries undercut the sets of waves,
when this Tijuana River meets this Pacific Ocean,
its mouth says “I know both sides of the border.”

Antes de la lectura en el faro,
camino a la boca donde las palomas y la migra estan de pie
y camino a la boca del rio que cruza la frontera,
antes de la línea it made the same music but sang different words.
It said “Gravity is my God and
‘here we are, here we go’ and
we couldn’t stop if we wanted to.”

There are no roads to La boca.
So I walked and listened before walking to the monument
Where I used whatever words and music I carried back,
boca a boca.

by Brandon Cesmat



  1. >Jill,Thank you for including “La Boca del Tijuana” on this essential blog. I need to give thanks to Francisco Bustos and Michael Cheno Wickert for their book Aqui Estamos…Ya Nos Vamos, whose title I’ve attributed to God to show how divine I think their writing is.

  2. >Brandon, thank you so much for contributing!

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