Palestine Awareness Week March 1-11 at San Diego State University

SJP students teaching others about the Apartheid Wall built by the state of Israel to contain areas of Palestine under occupation

Sponsored by SDSU Students for Justice in Palestine

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Schedule of Events

March 1 & 2, Tues & Wednesday

Life Behind the Wall

SJP at SDSU will display a mock Apartheid Wall on Campanile Walkway at SDSU depicting the quality of life and the disparities on each side of the wall. Israel refers to this wall as their “Security Fence” which separates communities and annexes more Palestinian land.

The wall will be displayed from 8 AM to 5 PM on both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please come and enjoy the teaching and discussion.

Tuesday, March 1 @ 12 PM  Speaker Professor Jonathan Graubart, prof of Political Science will speak about the International Court of Justice decision that the Apartheid Wall violates international law.

Wednesday, March 2 @12 PM Leena Barakat will speak about her experiences in Palestine

Wednesday, March 2  Lecture by Miko Peled @ 7 PM in Casa Real (Aztec Center)

“Exposing AIPAC: Undoing the Zionist Myth”

Miko Peled, is an Israeli writer and activist living in the US.  He is about to publish his book “The General’s Son” a personal narrative of an Israeli discovering Palestine. Miko is the son of Israeli General Matti Peled, who was among Israeli top decision makers in the 1967 Six Day War. In 1997 Miko’s 13 year old niece was killed in a suicide attack in Jerusalem urging Miko to learn more about the conflict and engage with his  Palestinian neighbors to learn what can be done to stop the killing of innocent people. Miko, along with Palestinian Nader Elbanna is co founder of the Elbanna-Peled Foundation, dedicated to empowering groups who work for reconciliation efforts in Israel/Palestine.

Wednesday, March 9 Talk with Huwaida Arraf @ 7 PM in Casa Real (Aztec Center)

Huwaida Arraf, is an activist who participated in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla of May 2010  to break through the IDF blockade and deliver supplies to the people of Gaza 

“Breaking the Seige of Gaza”

Huwaida Arraf is one of the co-founders of the International Solidarity Movement.  She has a been a long time activist in the Occupied Territories maintaining her political stance of non-violent resistance.  She was also the co-chair for Students for Justice in Palestine at the Washington School of Law. Arraf chairs the Free Gaza Movement, the organization behind the Gaza Freedom Flotillas- a series of groups of ships carrying activists and humanitarian aid that were organized to break Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip. She was aboard the 2008 Free Gaza boats and the 2010 flotilla that was raided by Israeli commandos on May 31, 2010.

Friday, March 11  Palestine Cultural Night @ 6:30 at the Backdoor (Aztec Center)

featuring authentic Palestinian food, spoken word, Oud and Tabla performances, visual art

Click here for directions and parking at San Diego State

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