Eyemax Threedee paints a car

What can you do with a Geo Prism?  Tim O’Neill asked his friend Eyemax Threedee to use it as a canvas.

Threedee technique

So I went over to the parking lot next to Queen Bees Art and Cultural Center today to hang out with Eyemax Threedee and Tim O’Neill while Eyemax finished up the car.

“It was a different piece before this, says O’Neill. “And when I say piece, I mean that in the junkiest terms.”  O’Neill busts out his cell phone and shows me the car in its earlier incarnation.  All blue, with  fantasy moonscape and planets.  “What do you call it, a “Spray-Casso…”  

So they buffed out the car with black house paint for a base coat and Eyemax started covering it with his Threedee style.

“That’s a cop magnet right there,” says O’Neill.  “I got pulled over in the daytime for not having a licence plate light.  So I even said to the kid—I say kid because he was younger than me.  I was like, You didn’t pull me over for the paint job? And he said, ‘oh, no couldn’t do that, ha ha ha.’  So he gives me a fix-it ticket and looks around for whatever he can find.  He’s like,’ This doesn’t smell like weed. Damn!'”

Sexy beast

Two hours later, the car is transformed.

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