Border Wall / Tijuana Photo of the Day

Tijuana Day 1, June 10, 2011


Mexican schoolchildren listen to a story about the thousands of migrants who have died trying to cross the border as workers from Casa de Migrante remove crosses from the border wall. 

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  1. why were the crosses removed?

  2. Hi Franciszka, the crosses are being removed for the summer 2011 in advance of a project by the Border Patrol (slated to begin in June or July) to replace the primary border wall that passes along the mesa above and descends into the ocean. The Friends of Friendship Park has negotiated for over a year with the Border Patrol over a new architectural design for the park which, we hope, will be incorporated into the construction. You can check out the design here: The installation of “5100 on the Fence” was created for Dia de los Muertos in October 2009 by Coalición Pro Defensa del Migrante, a group of activists, and artists from the Border Art Workshop led by Michael Schnorr. Casa del Migrante is removing them to protect and repair them, and they will be replaced once the construction is completed.

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