Tijuana Urban Art

Tijuana Soundtrack, Los Amigos Invisibles

Why haven’t I heard this song until now?  I’ve been listening to trashy 107.3 radio since I got to Tijuana a month ago, and I’m always amazed how the music and popular culture of San Diego & Tijuana can run on completely separate tracks.  A big thank you to marketing geeks who insist on putting EVERYTHING Latino into its own, tiny category so no one else is accidently exposed to Latino music.

Los Amigos Invisibles is a Venezuelan indie rock group who have been around now for a WHILE, discovered by (who else) but David Byrne, the great contemporary descendent of the European discoverers of all things native. This was a live performance for the program Soundcheck in New York City in 2009. In the interview, host John Schaefer exhibits the typical awkward intellectual weirdness when confronted with clever, nerdy Latino culture.


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