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Caesar’s Restaurant Tijuana: Inventor of the Caesar Salad

Last Saturday we went to Caesar’s for beers and, of course, a Caesar Salad, with Carlos Beltran and Adriana Gonzalez, of the Voz Alta Project Gallery in San Diego’s Barrio Logan.

Caesar’s Restaurant, located in the heart of Tijuana’s tourist district on Avenida Revolución, is a sign of the new good times in Tijuana today.

Absolutely gorgeous, the long elegant wood bar and interior is decorated in the rich dark wood tones of the classic 1930s style of “old Tijuana.” Historic photos adorn the walls, evoking the early of days when Tijuana was a tourist haven and playground for Hollywood stars.

In the boom years between 1940 and 1950, the population of Tijuana rose from 21,971 inhabitants to 65,364. Today, boasting a population of 1.56 million, Tijuana is the most populous border city in Mexico, and the second largest city on the West Coast, bigger than little sister San Diego.

We sat outdoors on the patio, wrapped in cheery green ceramic tiles and an elegant glass partition screening visitors from street noise & traffic.

Peter ordered the salad, and we all sat down to watch the show.  The waiter came right over to our table to make the dressing and toss the lovely green romaine leaves.

As the waiter tossed the lettuce, we chatted and drank our Victoria & Sol.

¡Buen provecho!

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