Border Wall / Friendship Park / Tijuana Photo of the Day

Friendship Park as a Tijuanense, Tijuana Day 57


Today I attended an event at Friendship Park for the first time since I moved to Tijuana. I saw so many of my dear friends over on the San Diego side–and in my excitement, I wanted to greet them with a hug, but the hug and kiss I wanted to give was impossible.And for the first time, I felt like a true Tijuanense at that fence. Standing on the south side of that ugly rusty fence, I felt a sense of incompleteness– as my friend Beryl reached her hand as far as it would go, I pushed my fingers through the tiny openings in the metal wall. But we couldn't complete the normal gesture of greeting–the 5 foot gap between the two fences kept us apart. And it just felt weird, to stand there and not be able to touch–it didn't feel like we had really said hello yet… 

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