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Los colores dan energía a la gente, Tijuana Day 61


Mural Intervention in Colonia Camino Verde. "Colors give people energy."  Camino Verde is a neighborhood in Tijuana that started out in 1985 as a squatter community of a few hundred homes on the far outskirts of the city.  Today, Camino Verde hosts a population of 42,000 of mostly immigrant families and people with few economic resources. The neighborhood still suffers from problems caused by the neglect of the city and state to provide the most basic services–trash pick up is limited, many streets lack pavement, and there are almost no sidewalks. This summer, Reacciona Tijuana worked on a 3-month project to paint murals and colors on 1000 homes, and in so doing, raise the consciousness of people and motivate them to work together to do what they can to create a better built environment for themselves.  


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