Tijuana Urban Art

The new face of Camino Verde

Here’s a terrific video with interviews with various artists who participated in the project Pantone Onírico in the Tijuana colonia of Camino Verde, headed by the group Reacciona Tijuana.

Reacciona Tijuana explains the objective of the project: The project hopes to reaffirm and enrich the cognitive map of the residents & citizens of this neighborhood, adding artistic elements to their “mental digestion” that will allow the residents to develop new paths and circuits of knowledge about “what is art.”

People gain certain kind of perception of their surroundings based on street plans and maps. But this project hopes to produce a different kind of consciousness of the built environment: one that unfolds as a process of reading/interpretation in parallel with two realities: One, the geographical reality by which the subject experiences/feels his or her surroundings and navigates the neighborhood as a pedestrian. The second is the visual panorama composed of urban objects in the built environment (the buildings, streets, walls) in which color intervenes strategically.

Arranged as a “Pantone onírico”—meaning a visionary, dreamlike & imaginary array of colors—the subject can experience and produce readings & interpretations and sensory understandings through their psychological experience of color. The fusion of both of these pathways is not gratuitous or random—rather, it follows an intention sown with the seeds of the various complex human factors that we call “perception.”

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