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Join Breakthrough and filmmakers Dana Variano and Ishita Srivastava and raise your voice against one of the most pressing human rights tragedies today: the everyday deaths of migrants crossing through the deserts and mountains of the southwest United States.

“The remains of at least 6,000 migrants have been found in U.S. desert land since U.S.-Mexico border policies were implemented in the 1990s. Some groups estimate that for each set of remains recovered, those of 10 more people are lost to the harsh desert elements. Advocates and authorities attribute the escalating number of deaths not only to rising heat but also to ever-tightening border security forcing migrants into more remote and dangerous terrain. Deserted calls on viewers to recognize these deaths as a humanitarian emergency and human rights crisis.” –Breakthrough

Watch the “DESERTED: the Human Rights Crisis on our Soil” here

If you like this video, please support the filmmaker, Dana Variano, by checking out his website and other films at Where’s My Sled Productions.

Breakthrough has released DESERTED in advance of the United Nations’ International Migrants Day, observed annually on December 18 to recognize the efforts, contributions and rights of migrants worldwide. Activist groups featured in the video are the Coalición de Derechos Humanos, DRUM (Desis Rising Up and Moving), and VAMOS Unidos.

Please learn more and take action to end this crisis by visiting No More Deaths and Coalición de Derechos Humanos

VIDEO CREDITS: Directed, filmed and edited by Dana Variano with Ishita Srivastava; music by Denver Dalley; post-production audio by Hobo Audio. Produced by Breakthrough.

For more of this story, see Checkpoint Nation? Building Community Across Borders

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