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La Frontera: Artists Along the U.S.-Mexican Border

Stefan Falke's photo of painter & muralist Alfredo "Libre" Gutierrez. Today, living in working in Mexico City, Libre is a member of the Tijuana/San Diego group HEM Crew.

Photographer Stefan Falke has been interested in the US-Mexican border for a long time, but in particular, the recent negative portrayal left him skeptical, curious, wanting to know more. Born in Germany, transplanted to Brooklyn, Falke is no stranger to crossing borders.

In early 2012, Falke came to Tijuana and got to know the artists in the Baja California region, along coastal Baja California, in Tecate, in Mexicali. Now he is working on a long-term project to photograph artists along the entire U.S.-Mexico border. And he’s asking for your support.

CLICK HERE to see more of Stefan’s photos of border artists in their studios and home environment of Baja California, and consider contributing to this exciting project!

I corresponded with Stefan last week via email, and here’s what he told me about his project:

“Having grown up with a physical border in Germany definitely fueled my interest. I just could not believe that the whole border is one bad no-no land, as the US media tries to tell us. So I went, thinking if I find artists then I can show the good side. There always is a good side.”

Falke is intrigued by the artists of the border region because artists keep working, regardless of the circumstances.

“Good times or bad times,” Falke reflects,  “they make art. And art often comments on life’s circumstances better than news reports.  For me artists represent the fact that life always goes on. And is always changing, for better or worse.”

The dynamism and excitement of this border city intrigued Falke, drawing him in:

“I found much more in Tijuana, where I started in 2008. I found a huge city with all the cultural activities of any other big city, and more because the border location seems to make Tijuana even more busy and active and creative. And all the influences from South America and the US. A real cultural melting pot. I have been traveling my whole life and Tijuana is one of the most interesting places I have ever been to.”

CLICK HERE for more information and and consider contributing to this exciting project

Stefan Falke will be in Tijuana this week, and his show “NY Fake Polaroids” will be on exposition
Friday, Oct 12, at:
La Tentacion Gallery
in Pasaje Gomez
Downtown Tijuana
Between 3rd & 4th Streets
on Av. Revolucion
Entrance below Hotel Lafayette next to the La Especial Taco stand,
Walk down the stairs to the lower level


Stefan Falke will give a slide show and discussion of his La Frontera Project,
with an auction of prints from the project, on
Wed, Oct 17, 2012
7:30 PM with auction at 8:30 PM
at La Caja Galeria 
Callejon de las Moras # 118-B, Col. 20 de Noviembre
Tijuana, B.C
For more details, contact
Arturo Rodriguez at

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