Border Art

In the Borderlands: National Geographic Geostories by Krista Schyler

Sunrise at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona

The blistering sun of our U.S.-Mexico borderlands can look forbidding at times–from a distance. But to contemplate the quiet beauty of a desert sunrise is to feel the sacred power of the earth and sky.

In her recent book  Continental Divide: Wildlife, People, & the Border Wall, award-winning photographer & writer Krista Schlyer gives us a glimpse of the shy javelina, the magnificence of the wide border sky, the playfulness of baby foxes.

Now Schyler offers another contribution to this ongoing narrative of  our border. Through a multimedia story by Geostories, National Geographic, Schyler gives us maps, photos and video that envelope the viewer in the richness and diversity of a complex, widely misunderstood region.

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KRISTA SCHLYER is a writer and photographer based in the Washington, DC, area. Her work has appeared in National Parks, Defenders, High Country News, Ranger Rick, National Geographic News, Audubon, and Outdoor Photographer. She is a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers and the North American Nature Photographers Association.

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