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Truth on the Line webisode 2

Truth On The Line is a story about media, journalism, immigration, and life, written and directed by my friend Steev Hise. By the way, please show your support and help Steev and other writers, artists and filmmakers who are working to change the narrative of our border. I gave Steev a donation right after I watched the first webisode. Click the “tip this video” button on the video’s Vimeo page. Thanks for watching and helping!

In this webisode, Maria meets with Joel the cameraman, who has some startling news; the tension grows at the station during a staff meeting when Stan proposes changes to the show. In the first episode (see link below) we met Stan (Steve McKee) and Maria (Burgundi Phoenix), anchorpersons for a TV news program called News On The Line. In this webisode there’s some growing friction between Stan and the rest of the show’s staff about how to run things. Watch it here!

Truth On The Line – webisode 2 from steev hise on Vimeo.

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