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Healthy Tijuana: Community Supported Agriculture in urban Tijuana

RanchoBajamosalRancho Bajamosal is located out in the rural area between Tijuana and Rosarito.   Owner Adriana Whizar delivers baskets of organics to her growing base of customers every two weeks. And fresh, community grown fair trade coffee from local family farms in Veracruz comes from her friend Cynthia Ramirez Comparán who works with the Centro Agroecologico del Cafe en Veracruz, a non-profit organizing the production and distribution of coffee on family farms in 35 municipalities in Veracruz.

Adriana and Cynthia are excellent representatives of a new community supported agriculture movement here in Tijuana of organic small farmers, producing and promoting health and well-being through good nutrition and healthy, organic vegetables, fruits and other foods.

Adriana writes, below:

Dear friends, it is my great pleasure to announce our entry into urban markets. This Saturday and Sunday, March 8-9, we will be in the shopping center ROCASA, in front of the Gallegos Building on Aguacaliente Boulevard, from 11 AM to 5 PM. This is a great opportunity to get to know more about the regional producers and artisans and give a big push to local business. I hope you can stop by and help out with this terrific project.

Queridos amigos, tengo el placer de comunicarles nuestra incursión en los mercados urbanos. Estaremos este sábado 8 y domingo 9 de marzo en el centro comercial ROCASA, frente al Edificio Gallegos en el Blvd. Agua Caliente, de 11 de la mañana hasta las 5 de la tarde. Una gran oportunidad para conocer a los productores y artistas regionales e impulsar el comercio local. Espero puedan darse una vueltesita y apoyar este magno proyecto.

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