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HUB STN: bi-national coworking space in Tijuana

Mosaic arch of the Mexicoach building in Centro Tijuana. Built in 1984, the building is being restored to serve as a technology collective.

Mosaic arch of the Mexicoach building in Centro Tijuana. Built in 1984, the building is being restored to serve as a technology collective.

A new creative space has opened in downtown Tijuana. In March & April, Reactivando Espacios and the team of Hub Stn invited local students to be a part of the transformation process of the former Mexicoach Station Building (located at 1025, Av. Revolución) into a bi-national coworking space. And now the space has been remodeled and is starting to generate some buzz.

UPDATE: The HUB STN is now fully operational, and most spaces have been rented to entrepreneurs & technology professionals. If you are interested in renting a space or learning more about how these and other commercial spaces are being developed in Tijuana, please contact Miguel Buenrostro at INFO @ HUBSTN dot com.

The Mexicoach building was built back in 1984 to serve as “Pasaje Contreras.” Filled with different colors and textures, the building features a beautiful arched roof, a mosaic of colored glass, and second floor balcony overlooking historic Av. Revolución. The building has 27 commercial spaces and an experimental room on the second floor. Tijuana´s old Touristic Bus Terminal will become the new creative and technology space for entrepreneurs from Tijuana and San Diego.

HUBSTNOn March 8, 2014 members of Reactivando Espacios, Hub Stn and 20 students from CECYT Palmas brought together by the Instituto Municipal de la Juventud (Municipal Youth Institute of Tijuana), met at the iconic building to start rehabilitating its second floor.

Reactivando Espacios, directed by Miguel Buenrostro, is a multidisciplinary platform that occupies abandoned spaces by integrating DIY urban tactics, creative economy, startup communities and bi-national emerging industries. By integrating its reactivation process it provides a creative atmosphere that revitalizes different buildings and plazas in the historic downtown of Tijuana.

On the other hand, Hub Stn is a new venture, founded and managed by entrepreneurs Marco Soto, Miguel Marshall and Miguel Buenrostro, and its philosophy aligns with the initiative Reactivando Espacios. Its mission is to develop bi-national creative spaces to promote innovation and entrepreneurship on both sides of the border.

Hub Stn is a bi-national coworking space that aims to integrate startups, creative professionals and freelancers in a synergic manner, so they start creating ideas and innovative projects that will have a positive impact on the economic development of the region and promote entrepreneurial tourism.

Hub Stn will open this April.

For more information about Reactivando Espacios, go to www.reactivandoespacios.com or contact us at reactivandoespacios@gmail.com. For more information about Hub Stn, call +52 1 (664) 638-4697.

Click here for a video about the historic space.

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