Tijuana Photo of the Day

Sad separation: dad stuck in San Diego after his green card is stolen


Family picture: Rosana Gonzalez and baby Camila, husband and father Hector Hernandez on the other side of the wall

Hector Hernandez was eager to have a family picture with his wife and girls. Rosana Gonzalez, not so much.

When Hector Hernandez was robbed, his green card was stolen and he ended up stranded in San Diego away from his family. He normally lives in Tijuana with his wife Rosana Gonzalez and his two little girls, Alexa and Camila. But without his green card he can’t cross back and forth anymore. Current cost to replace a stolen green card is $450.00, a hefty price tag for anyone, but especially for a father with a wife and two kids to support.


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