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>Friendship Park: One Wall Falls, another Rises


Friendship Park Vigil on the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Monday, Nov 9 Noon at Friendship Park

On this historic anniversary, Border Patrol construction crews have created a limited “public access area” inside Friendship Park that would prevent visitors on the U.S. side from drawing closer than five feet to the international boundary. A sign posted at the entrance to the park lists “rules for entry,” among them, “Physical contact with individuals in Mexico is not permitted.” Go here to see photos. Local coalition leaders are calling for a new design allowing visitors easily to see, hear and touch each other at the historic border park.

Please join us for a silent vigil in tribute to the courage of those who caused the Berlin Wall to fall and in distress over today’s dehumanizing wall that shatters relationships. People at Friendship Park can’t even touch each other. This kind of human contact is essential to creating friendships on which the true security of our region depends. We will have a short silent meditation and then share songs or poems.

Sponsored by Friends of Friendship Park

contacts: John Fanestil 619-823-6223
Dan Watman 619-954-9710
Enrique Morones 619-977-9467

Take Hwy 5 South, exit Dairy Mart Road, turn right (west) and follow the winding road to the entrance to the park. Meet at 12 noon to DRIVE IN to Friendship Park, which will be made accessible to vehicles at this hour.

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