Tijuana Photo of the Day

Midnight in Tijuana

Delicious Molcajete with shrimp, carne asada, mushrooms & cheese topped with fresh avocado and radish served with fresh tortillas for 100 pesos, at Tacos Salceados (formerly Tacos Ermita), located on  Ermita Norte between Díaz Ordaz and Benítez, a bit east of Plaza Patria. Es muy "gor-met."  


  1. “Our real name was Tacos Ermita,” says its manager, “but the folks in the neighborhood decided to call us Los Salceados.” The nickname is due to the marinades they prepare their meats with and to their extensive bar of table sauces. “We even have two different habanero sauces” boasts a waiter.

    • I loved your habanero salsa… I tasted the orange one, and wow, it was super flavorful and hot, but not so hot that it loses that richness. This was my first visit to your restaurant and I will definitely be back!

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