Tijuana Urban Art

María y José, sagrada família de ruidoson

If you spend any time in Tijuana these days, you will notice new signs of life on the old beaten paths. Yesterday I visited for the first time one of a few exciting new clubs on Calle Sexta, La Chupitería, and learned from the owner Victor Rangel that I had just missed a show with Maria y Jose the night before. Maria y Jose is the band name for Tony Gallardo, a kid born in Leon, Guanajuato but embraces his identity as a “son of Tijuana.” Like so many, he has found this dynamic city a fruitful source of invention.

Like many kids these days with access to the internet’s bountiful garden of free music, he’s listened and learned. Drawing widely from music across the decades and from wildly diverse cultures and traditions–from cumbia to romantica to punk to no wave–Maria y Jose and a host of new TJ bands have created an innovative mix called ruidoson.

And it looks like MTV isn’t far behind. Here’s a video of Maria y Jose talking about the development of this new movement.


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