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New SENTRI lane route in Tijuana: not bad at all

Padre Kino

Padre Kino, one time explorer of Baja California, uses his awesome navigational skills to direct confused and angry drivers to the SENTRI lane.

On March 1 2014, Tijuana municipal authorities began rerouting SENTRI lane traffic through the former Ready Lane along Avenida Padre Kino.

For the first week, frustrated drivers jammed city streets, making illegal U-turns and running the red light at Ocampo and Segunda trying to figure out how to get to the new SENTRI lane. The complete absence of signs was to be expected in Tijuana, I suppose, and helpful police were stationed at key intersections to answer questions and deal with enraged drivers.

By Thursday, Tijuana municipal authorities seemed to have worked out most of the problems, and I crossed quickly without much drama. The city is hoping that this route change will ease the traffic congestion and long lines that form on the Via Rapida Oriente as SENTRI pass drivers used to queue up to wind their way around and around to get to the SENTRI lanes.

So far, it seems to be working.

Here’s a slide show I made of my trip, taking photos with my cell phone camera and infuriating already frustrated drivers as I completed each step of my journey. Kids, don’t try this at home.

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