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Rancho Bajamosal: fresh organic vegetables for a healthy Tijuana

RanchoBajamosalUrban organics farmer Adriana Whizar may seem to be following a new trend, but she’s also carrying on a family tradition that goes back to her father’s generation. Rancho Bajamosal, located southwest of the city of Tijuana between El Jibarito and COLEF, is a family ranch that has cultivated diverse agricultural products since 1943. They use the principles of permaculture, organic agriculture and agroecology to promote sustainability, environmental and human health, and bring products to your table that are free of chemicals. The ranch produces a wide variety of leafy greens, vegetables, citrus fruits, as well as organic poultry and lamb.

Somos un rancho familiar que se dedica al cultivo de diversos productos agrícolas desde 1943. Utilizando principios de la permacultura, agricultura orgánica y agroecología buscamos llevar a tu mesa alimentos libres de agroquímicos con el fin de promover la salud humana y ambiental.

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  1. Tijuana needs more of this! :)

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