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Del Golfo al Pacífico: fotografías de migración

Couple embrace through the border wall at Playas de Tijuana. Photo by David Maung

Couple embrace through the border wall at Playas de Tijuana. Photo by David Maung

The workers of the world are on the move. And this movement has accelerated in the past ten years like nothing we have seen in human history. Around 232 million people are international migrants today, nearly 3.2% of the world’s population, living outside their country of origin.

The exhibition “Del Golfo al Pacífico” sponsored by COLEF, Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Tijuana, Baja California, opens this week, April 24, 2014, at the Mexican Embassy in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Del Golfo al Pacifico. See the images online here.

The show, which will travel throughout Central America and Mexico, offers an intimate view of migration from the perspective of thirty-three photographers living and working along the US-Mexico border. The seventy images in the show, drawn from the archives of distinguished photographers who have dedicated part of their work to covering border issues in their work, were chosen after an open call and rigorous selection process.

Since 1982, COLEF, Colegio de la Frontera Norte, has been dedicated to the study of this phenomenon, from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives and using diverse methodologies. Photography, as a mode of documentary investigation, can accomplish a more detailed study of the everyday lives of migrants.

The world of migration is one known more commonly through extremist anti-immigrant discourse and the spectacle of border militarization. In contrast, this exhibition offers photos of great tenderness and pathos, revealing the diversity of life for people and families on the move.

The photographers who participated in this show are: Hugo Yerson Martínez Miramón, Irma Jazmín Redes, Elena Guadalupe Vega, Edda Castro, Guillermo Alonso Meneses, Fabio Cuttica,Carolina Rosas Heimpel, Mayra Patricia Melgar, Ana Carolina Andrade, Marissa Reyes Beckmann, Gerardo Francisco Ibarra Ponce, Uriel Gonzalez, Uriel Reyes, Jill Marie Holslin, Anylú Hinojosa-Peña, Tochiro Gallegos, José Galaz, Alejandro Cartagena, Ingrid Hernández, Maria Teresa Fernandez, Maria Teresa Vázquez Castillo, Alfonso Lorenzana Navarro, Eduardo Jaramillo Castro, David Maung, Omar Martinez Noyola, Alex García, Roberto Córdova-Leyva, Abel Gastón Saldaña, Eliseo Gaxiola Aldama, Andrea Domínguez Patiño, Angélica Escoto, Vladimir Téllez Montaño y Francisco Venegas.

The exhibition will be open from April 24 to June 24 at the Mexican Embassy in Guatemala City, Guatemala in the José Gorostiza Gallery, Monday through Friday, 9 AM-5 PM.
LOCATION: UTC-06 2a Avenida 7-57 Zona 10, Guatemala City, Guatemala

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  1. fantástica selección de fotos, mil gracias Jill x comaprtir el link con el set disponible online. saludos – meli

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